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Eatery – Market – Nursery – Coffee – Community

Welcome! At Lantern Ridge you'll find a blend of flavors - a restaurant serving culinary delights, a charming bakery and coffee shop tempting your taste buds, a market brimming with curated finds, and a nurturing nursery enveloped in greenery. Beyond the everyday, we specialize in making your special moments truly memorable – from catering events and weddings to hosting lively gatherings for holidays. Our commitment is to create an inviting gathering spot where every visit is an experience, every meal a celebration, and every event a cherished memory. Join us in weaving the fabric of joy, community, and culinary excellence.


Get to Know Us

Fueled by a shared passion for community, food, farming, travel, and family, brothers Seth and Ethan Stockton transformed a former community spot into a multifaceted destination. 


As the visionary, Seth shaped our market, restaurant, coffee shop, and nursery into a harmonious blend of offerings. Ethan's expertise brought this vision to life, from gutting to renovation.


Since our opening in late May 2022, we've experienced remarkable growth as a family owned and operated business, and we extend heartfelt thanks to our supportive community. 

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